Hey there! I'm Bree.

Almost my entire life, I have had the passion of being behind a camera to catch the smiles and beautiful places on the other side.

For over three years, I’ve dedicated my time to the real estate world in photography and marketing. With an education in interior design, I have the knowledge and experience to present a home in its best light, showcase its best features and give you, as a real estate agent, or your home sellers advice on how to make the most of its online presence.

More recently, I have rediscovered the passion for the smiles and special moments on the other side of the camera. The candid, authentic moments you share with your loved ones are the moments I want to capture, so you can look back 10 days — or 10 years and recollect exactly what you felt then. They say a picture says a thousand words. It might sound cheesy, but together, let's write a chapter for each or your milestones — with photos!